Västerviks Mustard Coarse (Gold medal winner 2017) - 200 grams

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Västervik's Mustard Coarse is a coarsely ground quality mustard that enhances the taste experience. The mustard won a gold medal in the Mustard WC 2017!

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The Mustard World Cup was organized in April for the 24th consecutive year in Wisconsin, USA. Approximately 300 mustard varieties from 27 different countries participated in the competition. Västervik's Senap Grov won a gold medal in one of the categories. The mustard is sweet and strong with a light note of fruit and just the right coarse grind. With its fine structure, it goes perfectly with ham, grilled sausage and hamburgers, in a mustard vinaigrette or as a flavoring agent in sauces and stews.

Västerviks mustard® Coarse is made in our mustard factory in Eslöv, where the mustard master Börje carefully supervises the production so that the taste is delicious.

Sugar, water, MUSTARD SEEDS, vinegar, salt, spices (including cinnamon, coriander).