The Försvarets Hudsalva, previously called the Armens Hudsalva, is a Swedish skin care product with many uses. In the mid-1950s, the Swedish Defense Forces contacted the Military Pharmacy because they needed a good ointment for chafing, which is a common ailment among soldiers. The ointment was first described in the book Medicinska benämningar in 1959. The earliest produced and preserved ointment stick is from 1958. The ointment is produced in Malmö by Apotek Produktion och Laboratorier AB (APL).

The anhydrous ointment contains several emollient fats, including tallow, peanut oil and yellow wax. The first packages were in metal, but this was later changed to green plastic sleeves. The fact that the ointment is water-free makes it suitable for smearing on the face to prevent frostbite when staying in cold and windy weather, for example during skiing.

Approximately 900,000 pins are sold annually, of which approximately 10 percent goes to the Armed Forces. Försvarets Hudsalva is mainly used as a lip balm and to soften dry and chapped skin.

Over the years, the ingenuity has been great with other areas of use, for example as ski wax, lubricant and frying fat. In case of emergency, the salve has also been used for weapon care, and even emergency provisions due to the rich nutritional content (including fat-soluble vitamin C).