Lakritsfabriken launched Sweden's first premium licorice at the Licorice Festival in Stockholm on April 9, 2011. 

In addition to quality and choice of ingredients in the licorice, it was also important to founder Martin Jörgensen that it should also be completely gluten-free. The timeless, clean and Scandinavian design distinguishes the brand and Martin had an early vision of packaging the product in a flat gift box.

The range has grown over time and today chocolate-dipped, chocolate-coated and molded licorice products are also produced in different packaging and designs. The range also includes spice mixes under the name Licorice Cook as well as licorice raw materials for cooking and baking. 

Today, there is also the brand Lakritskungen with a more everyday range in simpler packaging created by Lakritsfabriken. Over the years, Lakritsfabriken has also won a number of awards for its various products. In 2013, for example, the product Super Salty won "Best Salt Licorice" in Finland.