Kung Markatta was an early pioneer in organic and since 1983 has worked with sustainable and organic foods. Ecology is in their DNA and is the basis of everything they do!

All Kung Markatta's products are organic and always will be. They have always looked for the best products on the market and they set themselves apart when it comes to quality. The pure content and taste of the products is proof of this, which also makes them healthier! Their natural, healthy and nutritious foods make a difference both to the taste and the body!

Concern for the environment is at the heart of everything they do and has done so since Kung Markatta started. This can be seen in their external quality labels from KRAV, Fairtrade and Äkta vara, and it goes without saying for them to climate-compensate all their transports together with Vi-skogen. Kung Markatta has been part of the Midsona Group since 2016. Midsona owns several companies in health and well-being in the Nordics and works to make it easier for people to live a healthier life. The group is a leader in the Nordics in natural and organic products, consumer health and health foods. 

Together we make a difference!