Normal plastic foil turns us all into Captain Haddock. We curse and damn our existence while trying to wrip off a few measly strands of foil from the container. This is how we started. By wanting to not feel like clumsy fools everytime we had to use the dreaded old foil.

We set out to create a product that not only would make us become 100% fumble free in the kitchen, but that would also mean less fumbling with the environment - less wasted plastic, pvc free. We also wanted it to look like something that you would actually feel really good about leaving out on the kitchen counter. The original Ninjaplast brand identity and packaging was developed together with one of the world's most acclaimed design agencies, Kurppa Hosk.

Our first product, the 150m Ninjaplast plastic foil, landed us a wave of love that we could never have dreamed of. In record-making speed it made the "central" shelf lists with all of the biggest food retailers in Sweden.