Svenska LantChips started as a part-time project in Dalsland in the fall of 1991 by Michael and Signhild Hansen. Chip production itself started in the spring of 1992. With three small children, the Hansen family had a dream to start something of their own, to build a company together and have more opportunity to control their own time. In their search for a suitable product and a viable business idea, they discovered that there was a place in the chip market for a new product. Chips that are produced in a small-scale, environmentally friendly way with flavor and vitamins preserved. That's how Svenska LantChips was born.

An older dairy in Ed, Dalsland was converted into a small-scale chip factory and demand increased rapidly. Already in 1994, Svenska LantChips moved to larger premises in Åmål. The successes continued both inside and outside the country and the pursuit of environmental considerations required, oddly enough, a move closer to the market. After the successful years in Dalsland, the company moved in the winter of 1998 to suitable premises in Sörmland outside Södertälje.

The Hansen family quickly learned that the snack business is a tough market. It was not easy to come up as an upstart and compete with the big giants in the market. But Svenska LantChips have always been on the offensive and progressed in the development of flavors and manufacturing. In addition, it does not have the ambition to become a leading chip producer. Instead, they want to continue developing their unique quality chips.