L300 is a Swedish skin care brand with documented effective products for face and body. The products in the series are based on a Swedish discovery and use the same substances that the skin itself produces to keep it soft and supple. The products are developed by skin care experts to optimally moisturize, strengthen the skin's barrier function and counteract the skin's signs of aging - for healthy and beautiful skin.

L300 stands for "Pharmaceutical Project 300" and has its basis in a medical discovery about the skin's own intelligent way of moisturizing itself. It was dermatologist & professor Gunnar Swanbeck who combined two substances that dry skin lacks: urea and salt. These proved to have positive effects for the skin and in 1980 L300 was launched. In today's L300 products, there are several other moisture-binding substances that are found naturally in the outermost layer of the skin.

L300's range includes products for all skin types: dry skin, normal/mixed skin, sensitive skin, mature skin and a series specially developed for men.

L300 Face Scrub - 60 ml

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