Sustainability and ethics drive NORDBO. Our actions, from ingredients to packaging, reflect our commitment.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council: Our collagen and fish oils were the first worldwide to achieve ASC certification, ensuring ethical production and environmental care.

I'm Vegan: Certified vegan by Djurens Rätt, our products are free from animal products and testing. We innovate with plant-based alternatives like sourcing D vitamin from lichen.

Packaging: We prioritize recyclable glass jars and explore plant-based plastics. Cardboard is used only when necessary, and all materials are recyclable.

World Wildlife Fund: We support WWF's efforts to preserve natural habitats and promote harmony between people and nature.

Startup: Green Initiative We're planning our next green initiative and welcome suggestions aligned with NORDBO's values.

In summary, NORDBO is dedicated to health, sustainability, and ethics, refusing to compromise on quality or innovation.

Nordbo Omega-3 - 200 ml

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