The story of Grahns Konfektyr began in 1949 in Skövde. It was at that time that Philip Grahn began making caramels and lollipops at home in his kitchen. He would then travel around Skaraborg County selling his candy at different markets.

Since then, the business has steadily grown and been modernized. The premises have been extended and the product range expanded. In 2007, Grahns was acquired by Jesper Lööw and Ola Brewitz who had worked in production for more than 10 years.

Between 1949, when their candy was produced in a kitchen, and today, when it is made in a modern factory, a great many things have happened. At the same time, the essence of quality, craftsmanship and the joy of experimentation have been preserved. The story of Grahns does not end here – it has only just begun.