Who hasn't dreamed of having their own chocolate factory?
To smell the aroma of roasted cocoa beans and taste freshly poured chocolate.
At Malmö Chokladfabrik we live the dream.

We are humble enthusiasts who are passionate about creating a chocolate made from scratch. We bring home the finest beans we can find and roast them in our self-made cocoa roastery. Pure raw materials. Absolutely no unnecessary additives. It doesn't have to be more difficult than that.

A little over a hundred years ago, Möllevångsgatan was heavy with the scent of cocoa. Perhaps it was our Malmö confectionary heritage that sparked our curiosity about the old craft. Just as today's Malmö is constantly open to different influences, we are inspired by creating new, delicious flavor combinations. We will make the world's best chocolate.

At Malmö Chokladfabrik we live as we teach. With a chocolate that is always organic, free from soy, nuts and gluten - and often vegan. A chocolate for everyone who not only shares our passion for quality, but also our quest for a world that is more genuine and fair, brave and innovative.