Malmö Chokladfabrik Master Blend 70% - 80 grams

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An old recipe from the Mecca of confectionery is prepared in our own machines for a masterful balancing act between nutty and floral, fruity and sour.

The cocoa finally arrived in Sweden on ships that had traveled from distant countries. First stop, Malmö, became the confectionery capital at the end of the 19th century. In our old factory we found an original recipe from that time. Now we have dusted it off and mix the beans until the sour and slightly nutty notes marry. Notice, there is no nut in the chocolate, just the nutty taste.

The chocolate is organic and vegan, as well as free from nuts, soy and is gluten-free.


Shiraz/Syrah from Australia or the USA, as it has notes of blackcurrant, or a full-bodied Pinot noir. The fruitiness of the wine allows the chocolate to sit back and offer a lighter, less bitter taste. The chocolate, which has the full character of a little coffee and marked acidity, is balanced by the dark wine.

Tea suggestions:

Try a multi-flavored black tea blend where notes of flowers, fruit and grain match the complex nature of the chocolate. The Sri Lankan Black tea is a fruity and floral character with good body. Together with the chocolate, the tea's notes of oak and cypress with its light roughness make a nice match.

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