The Ekströms brand has a long history spanning more than a century and a half, and during this period Ekströms has launched many products that today are seen as true classics in Swedish households. The Ekströms brand has been part of Procordia Food AB since 1995, which changed its name to Orkla Foods Sverige AB in January 2014. The company Ekströms started in Örebro as early as 1848. But at that time the company did not sell food, but mustache wax, boot wax and ink.

In 1930, the company began manufacturing rosehip products. To begin with, the product was called Nyponmust. It was only after the Second World War that the production of the rosehip soup that we still know so well today began. Starting with the rosehip soup, dried foods came to play a major role in the coming years and many new products were launched. It was during this time that the blueberry soup was introduced at the famous cross-country skiing competition Vasaloppet.