Olive oil is the oldest cosmetic in history.

For over two thousand years, olive oil has been used in skin care for its moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties. Because olive oil penetrates the skin slowly, it naturally contributes to maintaining the moisture balance in the skin. It is one of the most natural and effective skin care ingredients due to its fats and antioxidants. In combination with the olive leaf extract, which softens and moisturizes deeply, they together form the basis of a really effective skin care.

Natural, Clean & Organic. Not harder than that.

Oliva derives its power from nature's oils and extracts. To offer you beautiful products that gently care for your skin, is our whole basic idea.
We always start from the simple and clean, while the choice of ingredients that are gentle on our nature is extra important. The essence of all Oliva's products is olive oil and olive leaf extract - both organically grown and certified because we believe in the clean and sustainable.
We have received the most powerful ingredients from Mother Earth - we like that! All our raw materials come from the plant kingdom and we have made an active choice not to have any ingredients of animal origin in any of our products. That is why our skin care series is also suitable for vegans.

Oliva's skin care series is developed and produced with high quality and according to established quality systems. As we have extensive experience of manufacturing both pharmaceuticals and cosmetic skin care at our factory in Dalarna Sweden, it is extremely important for us to never compromise on quality.

We are extra proud to be one of the Nordic region's largest manufacturers of skin care & hygiene products.