The story of "Häxan" begins in the late 19th century with a man named Alexander Lagerman. After many years in America and abroad, he returned to Sweden. Like his father, the world-renowned inventor who revolutionized the manufacturing of matches, the son would soon bring a new spark to household chores. Notoriously, he saw an opportunity to add a touch of everyday magic to the trials and tribulations of homekeeping. In 1901, a few years after Alexander had established the first factory for the manufacturing of chemical household products, the operation was moved to Gothenburg and was named Tomtens Tekniska Fabrik (Santa's Technical Factory).

Like the factory name, he named all the brands with an eye on the Swedish tales that were told to him as a child, including Tomten (The Santa), Trollet (The Troll), and Häxan (The Witch). The range of products, which immediately gained great attention and appreciation among the Swedish people, was divided into three segments: cleaning and polishing agents for the household; health products and perfumes; delicacies and preparations to facilitate and enhance cooking.