Malmö Chokladfabrik Crushed Coffee - 80 grams

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Being the crazy coffee drinkers we northerners are, we couldn't resist pouring a chocolate flavored with lovely, black, crushed coffee beans.

Did you know that we drink three cups of java a day in Sweden? There is no occasion that is wrong for a little coffee. It is exactly the same with our Kaffekross made from selected beans from a local coffee roaster. The combination of powerful, crushed coffee beans together with smooth, rich dark chocolate with milk, is a match made in "bean-heaven". Is it allowed to be a chocolate cake?

The chocolate is organic, as well as free from nuts, soy and is gluten-free.

Full-bodied Pinot Noir from California or Australia. Zinfandel from California can also offer red wine that is both chocolatey and oaky. The elegance of the coffee lies beautifully in the background and you can feel the crushed coffee beans in a wonderfully gritty way. It gilds the wine and creates a magical balance with the chocolate.

Tea suggestions:

A strong and full-bodied tea with malty and caramel notes. Goes well with the sweetness of chocolate and roasted coffee beans. We suggest "Irish breakfast", a powerful tea with a dark and malty character that suits the sweetness of chocolate and coffee notes.

Cane sugar/sugar
Cocoa mass
Cocoa butter
Whole milk powder
Ground coffee beans