Malmö Chokladfabrik Real Passion 36% - 80 grams

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Rich white chocolate and sour passion fruit end up in a passionate love story with sweet caramel flavor and crunchy cocoa nibs. The ending has a cinematically bittersweet twist. The chocolate is organic, as well as free from nuts, soy and is gluten-free.

A sweeter rum, not with orange but with vanilla in it. A sweeter wine with a honey character. The tartness and sweetness of passion fruit is extended by the honey flavor. The roundness of white chocolate is balanced by the fullness of the sweeter wine. The smooth character of the rum is excellent with this full flavor.

Tea suggestions:

Suitable for teas with a good body and healthy notes such as citrus or tropical fruits. Hot tea enhances the taste of creamy caramel and black tea enhances vanilla notes (custard) in the chocolate.

The chocolate goes well with Sri Lankan teas. But a more enjoyable combo is Äkta Passion with Lemon Verbena tea. Lemon verbena tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea with good body and a clear taste of lemon. It complements both the creamy taste of the chocolate and tart passion fruit.

Cane sugar/sugar
Cocoa butter
Milk powder
Passion fruit
Cocoa nibs
Natural flavor (caramel)