Malmö Chokladfabrik Dominican Republic 70% - 80 grams

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Cacao literally grows like a weed in the Dominican Republic. The taste is also something completely extra. A fruity, almost slightly floral aroma is balanced with a natural cocoa taste.

Imagine the day you can say you helped three children go to school just because you bought a chocolate bar. We like that idea. Therefore, the Hispaniola beans in this chocolate come from the Fairtrade cooperative Conacado. There, they collect beans from almost 10,000 different organic growers on the island, so that cocoa production and, in the long run, the farmers' everyday life can be better. More weed for the people simply!

The chocolate is organic, fair trade and vegan, as well as free from nuts, soy and is gluten free.

Mild whiskey goes perfectly with the 70% chocolate. But even a smoky red wine with body can provide a lovely balance between acidity and sweetness. Preferably from wine based on different grapes such as Grenache, Merlot and Syrah. The chocolate together with the smoky notes becomes a smooth and elegant combination where the alcohol taste in, for example, the whiskey is not as prominent, but the spice in the drink tastes more and the chocolate is perceived smoother and sweeter.

Tea suggestions:

Feel free to choose an Oolong or white teas with light and floral notes that enhance the fruity flavors in the chocolate. Formosa high mountain Oolong is a light and soft tea with a slightly creamy and fruity taste. Goes perfectly with the sweet and complex character of the chocolate, where flavors of spices and ground sesame seeds can be discerned.

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