Malmö Chokladfabrik Licorice Root 65% - 80 grams

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Warning! Only for genuine licorice lovers. Get ready for a chocolate with real licorice root. Full, soft and salty. Too good to be true? We'll let you decide.

The black sheep. Contrary to everything that is called adequate - overflowing with fine licorice. Directly from Calabria in southern Italy, where the licorice bush grows wild, we source the fine powder that we use when making this chocolate. It gives a heavy and rich licorice flavor that fills the entire mouth. Then we sprinkle extra flake salt as the finishing touch. Not for everyone. But for licorice lovers. Guaranteed.

The chocolate is organic and vegan, as well as free from nuts, soy and is gluten-free.

This combo calls for fruity red wines with a bit of astringency, which are light on the palate. However, avoid a wine that is too full for the best experience. This dark dream with flake salt is especially good with a fruity Pinot noir from Burgundy or a Garnacha from Spain.

Tea suggestions:

Heavy and full flavor from licorice that marries the smooth chocolate together with an extra kick from flake salt. A full-bodied and roasted green tea with soft and warm tones of nuts and different types of wood - which enhances both the licorice root and the cocoa flavor. We recommend "hojicha kukicha" which is a mixture of leaves and stems, this tea gives a dark and rich character.

Cocoa mass
Cane sugar
Cocoa butter
Sea salt