Malmö Chokladfabrik Fresh Raspberry - 80 grams

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Introducing the friend chocolate! Tasted and adored by our friends. Probably appreciated by yours too. Healthy, sweet and sour raspberries and rich, dark chocolate with milk.

We had some friends sample this chocolate and they went absolutely crazy. They loved how the slightly wild and sweet-tart moistness of the raspberry balanced against the round cocoa notes. So we kept "their" recipe. If you also go crazy for this chocolate, maybe pass it on to your friends. Who passes it on to his friends...Forever, between us chocolate friends.

The chocolate is organic and fair trade, as well as free from nuts, soy and is gluten-free.

The wild and sweet-sour raspberry flavor in the chocolate likes to be combined with sweeter drinks so it doesn't taste bitter. Therefore, sweet red wine or a fruity beer is preferable. The fruity drinks extend the raspberry character of the chocolate and create a wonderful combination where the flavors marry.

Tea suggestions:

Dark, fermented tea with notes of tree bark. The combination gives a rich taste that marries well with the sour chocolate. We recommend "Shu Puerh", the full-bodied tea prolongs the caramel notes of the chocolate while deepening the cocoa notes even further. The combination becomes a rich and delicious base for the sweet and sour raspberry pieces.

Cocoa mass
Cane sugar/sugar
Cocoa butter
Whole milk powder
Raspberry powder