Malmö Chokladfabrik Sea Salt 65% - 80 grams

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Hello there! We get cocoa from an island out in the Atlantic and then some sea salt to go with it, of course. It will be a salty sail through powerful cocoa land!

We have wind in our sails and make a chocolate from the sea. We pick up the cocoa on the small island of Sao Tomé, which lies in the middle of the equator in the Atlantic Ocean. And the salt is of the finest quality, and also comes from the great oceans. Some would argue that this is one of our flagships. All we can say is that powerful cocoa notes and a sour aftertaste flow together with a light sprinkle of salt. Are we rowing it ashore? Ouch, Ouch, Captain!

The chocolate is organic and vegan, as well as free from nuts, soy and is gluten-free.

This chocolate variety is an unexpected but good snack for malty beers such as porter and stout. The combination is a tasty experience. The powerful cocoa notes along with the saltiness are wonderfully balanced in the creamy robust chocolate, and lifted by the deep beers.

Tea suggestions:

Full-bodied black teas with a soft and caramel character. The caramel notes give a complex and fruity flavor that goes well with the sea salt in the chocolate. We suggest: Keemun Black Tea. A rich black tea from China with notes of ripe fruit and caramel. The tea brings out the sweetness and saltiness of the chocolate and also enhances the deep cocoa flavor.

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Cocoa butter
Sea salt