Malmö Chokladfabrik Peru 85% - 80 grams

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Look here all fortune seekers! Dark as night with extra cocoa and a wonderfully creamy texture. The black gold, the pride of Peru, is now yours and no one else's.

Gold and green forests were probably what the colonizers saw in front of them when they invaded Peru in the 16th century. But in the pursuit of riches, they did not see what was right in front of their noses. Here in the fertile lands of the Amazon, cocoa trees have thrived for thousands of years. The soil gives the beans a strong and long-lasting taste with an acidic fruitiness. Like edible gold, roughly. Taste!

The chocolate is organic, fair trade and vegan, as well as free from nuts, soy and gluten.


Grapes such as Shiraz or Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, even Merlot from warmer countries go perfectly with the Peruvian cocoa beans. The spicy fullness from Mediterranean wine together with the delicious chocolate means that an herbal flavor comes out and that the chocolate feels smooth and light.

Tea suggestions:

A black tea with a similar taste that captures the sour nuance of the chocolate.
We suggest Berry Black, a black tea flavored with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. The tea has a light tone which, together with the chocolate, becomes a rich combination where the tartness of the berries appears in both chocolate and tea. It is the taste of berries that is important in this combo.

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