Malmö Chokladfabrik Orange Peel 65% - 80 grams

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Orange peel and chocolate is not a new combination. But the powerful cocoa from Sao Tomé's rich volcanic soil, mixed with the taste of orange peel, is something the gods would love.
Sao Tomé is Portuguese for Saint Thomas, one of the twelve disciples. Perhaps the "loved" orange chocolate is as sacred to the Swede as Sao Tomé is to the believing islander. One thing is for sure - strong, dark cocoa from the rich volcanic soil of this warm West African island, combined with the taste of orange peel, is something even doubting Thomas would approve of.

The chocolate is organic and vegan, as well as free from nuts, soy and is gluten-free.

Orange peel is perfect for sweet drinks that tend to have a higher alcohol content. For example, a rum with a little sweetness or an aged gin is perfect for the orange-flavored chocolate. White dessert wines with character from vanilla or honey are also a good choice for the chocolate.

Tea suggestions:
Light white teas with a floral character that transforms and lifts the fruity taste of orange. We suggest "White Peony" a white tea from Fujian, China. The taste is smooth and floral with malty notes that are brought about by increasing the brewing temperature. The combination with the chocolate is light with a strong orange character.

Cocoa mass
Cane sugar
Cocoa butter
Natural flavor (orange)