Nordbo Stomach Soft - 60 capsules

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NORDBO Mage Soft is a gentle supplement with Actazin®, triphala and magnesium hydroxide.

Actazin® is an organic kiwi extract that contains fibers, enzymes and polyphenols.

Triphala is an Ayurvedic complex of Indian gooseberry, bahera fruit and tropical almond (not related to nuts or common almond).

Mage Soft is a Vegan certified by Djurens Rätt.

Actazin® (Actinidia Deliciosa) - an organic kiwi powder

Magnesium hydroxide - a magnesium salt

Triphala - a traditional blend in Ayurvedic teachings

of which Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) - a fiber-rich berry also known as Amla

of which bahera fruit (Terminalia belerica) - fruits from a Southeast Asian tree

of which tropical almond (Terminalia chebula) - a fruit not related to nuts or common almonds

Rice flour - natural filler
MCT oil - coconut oil that improves absorption
Vegetable Capsule - Cellulose (HPMC)

1-3 capsules in the evening or as needed. The capsules are taken with a glass of water. Remember that it is important for bowel function to get enough fluid during the day.

Recommended dosage should not be exceeded. In case of difficulty in swallowing, the capsule can be opened and the contents sprinkled in cold liquid. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Content per daily dose: 1 / 3 capsules (% of DRI*)
Actazin® 200 mg / 600 mg
Triphala 45 mg / 135 mg

of which Indian gooseberry 15 mg / 45 mg
of which bahera fruit 15 mg / 45 mg
of which tropical almond 15 mg / 45 mg

Magnesium 115 mg (31%) / 345 mg (93%)

*DRI = daily reference intake