Nordbo Nutriskin Clean - 60 capsules

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Clean is a complex for impure skin with a documented effect on clearer skin, increased moisture and improved skin barrier. With fenugreek and kale extract FenuKale™, the effect of which is documented in a study focusing on protecting the skin barrier, clarifying the skin and preserving moisture. The study was performed on moisture-poor skin in environments with low air quality.

Clean also contains green tea extract, which helps protect the skin against air pollution. The capsules are boosted with biotin and zinc as well as the microalgae chlorella and spirulina.

Clean is recommended by a dermatologist. The jar is naturally scented with refreshing mint from ScentSational™. Vegan certified. Developed and manufactured in Sweden.

Green tea extract - with 95% polyphenols (mainly catechins). Green tea helps protect the skin against air pollution
Fenukale™ - a complex of kale and blue fenugreek, with documented effect on clearer and more hydrated skin

Spirulina - blue-green microalgae

Chlorella - green microalgae
Zinc - bound with picolinic acid for optimal absorption. Zinc contributes to maintaining normal skin.
Biotin - vitamin b7
Rice starch - anti-caking agent

Vegetable Capsule - HPMC (Cellulose)

2 capsules per day, taken at any time of the day.

Recommended dosage should not be exceeded. In case of difficulty swallowing, the capsule can be opened and the contents sprinkled in any cold liquid.

Content per daily dose: 2 ch (% of DRI*)

Green tea 1000 mg

of which polyphenols 950 mg
of which catechins 500 mg
of which (-)-epigallocatechin3-gallate 500 mg

Fenugreek™ 350 mg

Spirulina 50 mg

Chlorella 50 mg

Zinc 5 mg (50%)

Biotin 25 µg (50%)

*DRI = daily reference intake