Kung Markatta umami stock - 66 grams

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Kung Markatta's organic diced Umami broth is vegetarian and gives your dishes a round and rich taste. Umami is usually called the fifth basic taste and the word itself means 'good taste' in Japanese. 6 cubes of 11 g = 3 l of finished broth.

Ingredients: SEA SALT, shea fat**, corn starch**, vegetables** (tomato**, carrot**, leek**, roasted onion**, CELERY**, pumpkin**), concentrated vegetable juice** (carrot** , onion**), miso paste** (1.6%) (SOYBEAN**, GRAIN**, sea salt), spices**, herbs** (contains CELERY LEAVES**), garlic**, sunflower oil**. **= Organic. May contain traces of egg, milk (incl. lactose), mustard.