Kung Markatta Extra Coarse Rye Bread - 500 grams

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Kung Markatta's organic Extra Coarse Rye Bread is baked on organic wholemeal flour. The whole rye kernel is used, which gives an extra nutritious flour and a high proportion of dietary fibre.
To preserve nutrition and give the bread its characteristic dark color, a unique cooking method is used where the bread is baked with steam at a low temperature for a full 20 hours. The bread is powerful and tasty to eat as it is, but feel free to also try toasting the bread and enjoy it with your favorite toppings, as a good start to the day, or as a filling snack.

Ingredients: WHOLE GRAIN RYE FLOUR*(60%), water, BARLEY MALT EXTRACT*, sea salt, yeast. * = KRAV organic ingredient. May contain traces of milk (incl. lactose), sesame seeds and walnuts.