Göteborgs Pepparkaksbageri Ginger Thins Tube - 50 pcs

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Gothenburg's Pepparkaksbageri was founded in 1924. During the first decades, however, the cakes were only part of a larger assortment. But this would change as the gingerbread became more and more popular.

Gothenburg's Pepparkaksbakery has received fine awards on numerous occasions. The Gastronomic Academy has awarded them a diploma for "long-term production of unsurpassed gingerbread".

We have also received an honorary degree from the M Sandahl foundation. The magazine Gourmet has twice certified them for good food culture. In Gourmet's justification it reads: "Sweden's best gingerbread bakery". The diplomas hang up in their shop.

The gingerbread cookies are packed carefully by hand and only the finest cookies end up in the jar.

Flour, sugar, syrup, cream, lemon oil and spices.