Göteborgs Kex Digestive Biscuits Olive Oil - 400 grams

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The bestseller Digestive Oliv from Göteborgs Kex are crisp digestive biscuits baked with olive oil, a given choice when you want to put taste first. The biscuit contains less sugar and has the highest content of dietary fiber and whole grain compared to others on the market. Tastes amazingly good - both as is or with toppings. Baked in Kungälv and are vegan.

WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, vegetable oil 16% (sunflower, olive 13%), WHEAT wholemeal flour 14%, syrup, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, deer antler salt E503), invert sugar, salt, aroma, BARLEY MALT, antioxidant (tartaric acid).