GodBiten Arrack Balls - 180 grams

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Savor GodBiten Arrack Balls, delicious treats with a blend of arrack flavor and rich chocolate coating. Perfect for an indulgent snack.

OAT, sugar, margarine [veg. oil and fat (palm*, rapeseed, cocos), water, salt, emulsifier (E471), aroma, color (160a)], 5% sprinkle [sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, vegetable fat (palm*), glucose syrup, emulsifier (lecithin )], vegetable fat (palm kernel oil*, palm oil*, rapeseed oil, shea oil emulsifier (E492, sunflower lecithin)], WHEAT FLOUR, 2% fat-reduced cocoa powder, aroma (arrack), ethanol, whey powder (from MILK), invert sugar, salt , emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), leavening agent (E503). MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: EGGS, HAZELNUTS AND PEANUTS. *Contains certified sustainable palm oil.