Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Chili Pebers - 120g

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Turkish Pepper is a salty licorice classic with a peppery hot kick that has been a huge hit since it was launched in 1977. The label says it all, pepper, but what exactly is the pepper? This new bag solves that problem. Here they are, our Chili Peppers. Turkish Pepper Chili Peppers offer you 3 different chili peppers with different flavors and chili heat. Yellow - Ginger & Lime & Chili. Orange – Melon & Chili. Red – Strawberry & Salmiakki & Chili

sugar, glucose syrup, WHEAT starch, modified potato starch, ammonium chloride (salmia), acidity regulator (E325, E270), food coloring (concentrate of carrot, radish, pumpkin, and apple), flavors, surface treatment agent (E903).