Anthon Berg Diplomat Box - 1000 grams

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Anthon Berg's Diplomat is a large, fine chocolate box filled with lovely chocolate pralines. Here you will find something for everyone!

The chocolate does not contain gluten.

Here in boxes of 1000g.

Sugar/sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, SWEET MILK/WHEAT MILK POWDER, glucose syrup/syrup, ROASTED HAZELNØDDER/-NUTTER/roasted HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS/ALMONDS, CONDENSED MILK/CONDENSED MILK, vegetable fat/fat (palm, shea-kerne/ -kernel/-kernel), stabilizer (sorbitol syrup/-syrup), apricot kernels/-kernels/-kernels, coconut, MILK/MILK SUGAR MILK SUGAR, plums/plums/plums, spirits (including Liqueur Cointreau®), alcohol, emulsifier /emulsifier (lecithin), MILK FAT/MILK FAT/MILK FAT, maltodextrin from corn, strawberry/strawberry concentrate, lychee concentrate, salt, coffee extract, syrup/syrup, raw licorice, mulled wine/mulled wine/liqueur wine (Madeira, Sherry), preservative (potassium sorbate, sorbic acid/ -acid), aromas/flavors, vanilla extract/vanilla extract, cocoa powder, humectant (invertase), thickener/thickener (pectin), acid/acidity regulator (citric acid/-acid/citric acid), colorant/fargestoff/dye (carmine/carmine) . May contain/contain traces of/traces of other nuts/nuts/nuts and/and SOY. May contain pieces of plum stone/May contain parts of plum stone/May contain pieces of plum stone. ALCOHOL W/W 3.4% IN THE CHOCOLATE BOTTLE. At least 33% cocoa solids and at least 23% mælke-/melkebestanddele/MILKconstituents in the mælkechokladen/milkeschokoladen/MILKchokladen. At least 46% cocoa powder in the dark chocolate/chocolate/dark chocolate.