Inotyol, ointment - 30 grams

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Inotyol is used for the treatment of various skin conditions in adults and children, such as small children's red bottoms, abrasions, abrasions or self-cracks. The ointment is greasy in texture and has both a softening and protective effect. It soothes the red and irritated skin and relieves any burning and itching. Apply the ointment one to several times daily.

Inotyol can also be used in the treatment of certain eczema or burns. However, it should never be applied to infected or oozing wounds and skin areas.

Inotyol contains wool fat.

Dosage & use
For adults and children: Clean and air dry before applying the ointment. Apply one to several times daily. Can be covered with a compress and gauze to prevent staining the clothes.

1 g of ointment contains 15 mg ichtammol, 150 mg zinc oxide and 50 mg titanium dioxide. Other ingredients: wool grease, white vaseline, liquid paraffin, lavender oil, purified water.