Ellen Probiotic Tampon Rich - 8 pcs

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Tampon enriched with probiotics

Maintains a balanced pH value during menstruation

Developed in collaboration with gynecologists

ellen® Probiotic Tampon is a unique probiotic tampon that contains the same natural lactic acid bacteria found in a healthy female vagina. The bacteria in the tampon help maintain a good bacterial culture and a balanced pH value in the vagina during menstruation. The tampon has a smooth and fine surface layer that does not fluff. Not chlorine bleached.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon contains the unique mixture Lacto Naturel (LN®) which is a mix of three probiotic lactic acid bacteria strains: (L. rhamnosus LN113, L. gasseri LN40 and L. fermentum LN99). Ellen's tampon consists of 100% viscose and the string of 100% cotton. The surface layer consists of Polyester/Polyethylene.