Zoégas Skånerost, whole beans - 450 grams

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We at Zoégas are passionate about our craft and express our passion through our coffee and the taste is thus the result of our work. Zoéga's Skånerost is a dark-roasted coffee with a big and full aroma with hints of earth, nut and black currants. The strong taste is filled with bitterness with a long aftertaste of fruit and black currants. The coffee composition is perfect for pie or cheesecake with fruit and berries. Also recommended after salty and slightly acidic dishes. After a buffet of cold cuts, salami, olives, pineapple, salmon and potatoes, fruity fullness appears.

To ensure a coffee of the highest quality, we put knowledge, passion and a large dose of love into every single detail of our coffee craft - from the carefully hand-picked bean to the coffee reaching your coffee cup. All so that we at Zoégas can give you as a coffee lover a coffee of the highest quality - and let you experience a Zoégas moment together with a tasty cup of Skåne cheese.