Zoégas Espresso Trattoria, whole beans - 450 grams

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Good coffee is our craft and passion. Zoégas Trattoria is a powerful and full-bodied espresso with low acidity and many nuances. There is a bitterness, which lands in soft tones and a fine aftertaste. Trattoria is a clear and balanced espresso based on Arabica and Robusta.

An espresso that fits well as a base in coffee/milk drinks. The beans are carefully dark roasted and cupped in our coffee roastery in Helsingborg, where we highlight a flavorful character that contains dark roasted Robusta and Arabica beans.

The feeling of experiencing 800 flavors concentrated in 3 cl is a distinct pleasure. All the senses are activated and the feeling remains long after an espresso has been drunk. A perfect espresso has a powerful taste with a sweet note and can be slightly bitter and astringent or very fruity and acidic.