Wasa Sesame Gourmet - 220 grams

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Taste Wasa Sesame Gourmet! It is a thin, cold-baked sesame cracker baked on whole grain rye and generously topped with white and black sesame seeds and wheat flakes.

As it is cold-baked, this sesame cracker contains no yeast. Instead, air is pressed into the dough, which gives a unique character to both taste and texture. Crispbread with sesame seeds has a round and nutty taste, which marries well with all kinds of toppings.

Because Wasa crackers Sesame Gourmet is a deli cracker, it goes particularly well with the cheese tray and with toppings from, for example, the deli counter. This sesame cracker can also be advantageously broken into pieces and used as a topping on a salad or dipped in a good dip.

Of course, our sesame crackers are 100% climate compensated!