Wasa Delikatess, Sesame - 285 grams

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Discover Delikatess Sesam, our thin and crisp baked rye bread. Wasa delicacy bread contains few ingredients and is only baked with whole grain rye flour, salt and yeast. Simply ingredients we all recognize! Then, just before it is to be baked, we top our delicatessen with sesame seeds, which, through their golden baking, give the bread a good and slightly nutty taste. It has a round flavor that goes well with all kinds of toppings and can therefore be used just as well for breakfast, as a topping on soup, or as a snack. Or why not break the delicatessen bread into pieces for the cheese tray?

We take responsibility for the production, so of course our Delikatess Sesam is 100% climate-compensated. In addition, it contains 98% whole grains, is rich in fiber, is a source of iron and is keyhole labeled. It gives a crunchy and tasty delicacy bread that is both filling and feels good in the stomach.

Whole grain rye flour, sesame seeds (11 g), salt, yeast.
May contain traces of milk.