Toms Penguin Rod, Salty Caramel - 27 grams

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One of Tom's popular rods, colloquially called the penguin rod. Salt Karmellstång is light brown with a light filling and a brown "eye", the bar has a good salty caramel taste. Salt Karmellstång is gelatin-free and contains no added dyes. The penguin sticks are available in many different flavors so that everyone can find their favorite.

Sugar/sugar, glucose-fructose syrup/syrup, WHEAT FLOUR/WHEAT FLOUR/WHEAT FLOUR (GLUTEN), modified maize and potato starch/modified maize and potato starch, fully hardened/hardened/hardened vegetable fat (palmekerne/-jerne /palm kernel, coconut), thickener/thickener (gum arabic/gum arabic), emulsifier/emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), humectant/agent (glycerol/glycerol), salt 0.5%, ammonium chloride 0.5% , natural flavoring/flavoring agent, MALT EXTRACT FROM/FROM BARLEY/GRAIN (GLUTEN), flavorings/flavoring agents, raw licorice/raw licorice 0.03%.