SWEBAR Original Mint Chocolate - 55 grams

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Swebar Original Mint Chocolate is the best seller that never goes out of time. With the creamy chocolate, the healthy mint and the high protein content, both your body and your mind will thank you after the hard training session. The protein is quickly absorbed by the body and reaches the muscles immediately, which is extra good for its repair and building. Swebar Original Mint Chocolate has no added nuts.

Whey protein isolate/Whey protein isolate (from MILK/MILK), dark chocolate/dark chocolate (18%) (cocoa mass, sugar/sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (SOY LECITIN/SOYALECITIN), aroma), glucose syrup, fructose syrup, coating/overtrekk (sugar/sugar, vegetable oil and fat (palm/palm, shea), fat-reduced/fat-reduced cocoa, emulsifier (SOY LECITIN/SOYALECITIN, sorbitan tristearate), aroma), MILK PROTEIN/MILK PROTEIN, EGG WHITE PROTEIN/EGG WHITE PROTEIN, protein crisp (whey protein/whey protein (from MILK/MILK), rice flour /rice flour, emulsifier (SOY LECITIN/SOYALECITIN)), aroma (mint), emulsifier (SOYALECITIN/SOYALECITIN). May contain traces/traces of soy protein/soy protein.