SWEBAR Original Chocolate Ball - 50 grams

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Swebar Original Chocolate Ball is already a classic with a clear taste of chocolate and oats, topped with coconut flakes. With its high protein content, it is perfect as a recovery and reward after a hard training session. The protein is quickly absorbed by the body and reaches the muscles immediately, which is extra good for its repair and building. With a Swebar after a training session you are quickly recovered and ready for the next one. Swebar Original Chocolate Ball has no added nuts.

Whey protein isolate/whey protein isolate (from MILK/MILK), dark chocolate/dark chocolate (16%) (cocoa mass, sugar/sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (SOY LECITIN/SOYALECITIN), aroma), glucose syrup, fructose syrup, coating/overtrekk (sugar/sugar, vegetable oil and fat (palm/palm, shea), fat-reduced cocoa, emulsifier (SOYALECITIN/SOYALECITIN, sorbitan tristearate), aroma), OAT GRAIN (5%), MILK PROTEIN/MILK PROTEIN, EGG WHITE PROTEIN/EGGEWHITE PROTEIN, sunflower oil/sunflower oil, dried/dried coconut ( 1.3%), salt, aroma. May contain traces/traces of soy protein/soy protein.