Santa Maria BBQ Spice Mix Asian Style - 91 gram

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A versatile spice blend that works equally well as a marinade or sauce. A 2-1 product. Gives a lovely Asian flavor with hints of ginger, chili and lime, regardless of whether it's meat, fish or vegetables. Mix with oil and soy for a good marinade, or as a side dish to your favorite dishes such as salad or potatoes. Can also be mixed with creme fraiche, sour cream, yoghurt etc. for a good sauce. Perfect for grilled food, both as a marinade and sauce.

Tips for use!

Crème Fraiche sauce (per serving)
1 tsp spice mix
50 ml creme fraiche or yoghurt

Marinade or oil-based sauce (per portion)
1 tsp spice mix
1.5 tsp water
1.5 tsp oil

Onion, spices and herbs (ginger 8.5%, coriander leaves, chili pepper 1.0%, black pepper 0.5%), sugar, garlic, pineapple juice powder, lime juice (6%), salt, anti-caking agent (silica), paprika extract, lemongrass extract (6%)