RFSU Mixed - 30 pcs

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Mixed is a variety of condoms for those who want to feel for or are looking for variety; 8 x Profile, 2 x True Feeling, 5 x Thin, 5 x Näkken, 5 x Strawberry, 5 x Vanilla. Different shapes, thinness, structure and flavored condoms have aroma in the lubricant.

Condoms are the only contraceptive that protects against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and is completely hormone-free.

Latex condom
Straight and profiled shape
Smooth and structured surface
With container
With lubricant (silicone).
With aroma
Hormone-free contraceptive.
Used for protected sex (vaginal, anal, oral) or to avoid smearing.
No contraceptive is 100% safe.
The material contains no animal additives.
May cause allergic reactions in people who are hypersensitive to latex.
Store dry and cool, avoid direct sunlight.