Löfbergs Kokkaffe - 450 grams

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Löfberg's cooking coffee Medium roast emphasizes a fine and soft aroma with a long, round aftertaste. The taste is dominated by a slightly nutty sweetness with hints of pleasant acidity in the aftertaste.

The cooking coffee is 100% Arabica coffee from South and Central America, East Africa and Southeast Asia. The coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which is an independent organization that works to create sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers and to preserve biodiversity.

A good cup of coffee

Boiled coffee is a coarse grind that is suitable for preparation in a coffee pot. When you "boil" coffee, you dose the ground coffee beans directly into a coffee pot with cold, fresh water. Dose about 65g of coffee/liter of water. And for the very best taste, don't forget to clean your kettle. The coffee should then only simmer without boiling and then stand and steep for about 5 minutes. If the coffee is allowed to boil, some of the fine aromas are destroyed and the coffee becomes bitter in taste. A few drops of cold water in the spout will help the sump to sink.

Shelf life of the coffee

The brewed coffee should be stored dry and cool in well-sealed original packaging, then the aromas of the coffee are best preserved. Opened packaging should be used within 10-14 days.

When the coffee runs out

For environmental reasons, the aroma-preserving plastic in the packaging is very thin, which is made possible by the protective paper cover. Our packaging also contains plastic from renewable raw materials. Source sort the paper as paper packaging and the bag as plastic. Filters and sumps are sorted as food waste and can be composted.