Löfbergs Kharisma, whole beans - 400 grams

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Löfberg's whole beans Kharisma is a dark roasted and flavorful coffee with an intense aroma and nutty tones. You will also find pleasant shades of cocoa in the aftertaste

Consists of Arabica beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Central America. The coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which is an independent organization that works to create sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers and to preserve biodiversity.

A good cup of coffee

We recommend whole beans for those who have an automatic coffee machine or want to grind the coffee themselves. By adjusting the degree of grinding, you get the coffee to suit your taste and brewing method. Every time the beans are ground, you also get a lovely aroma of freshly ground coffee!

Shelf life of the coffee

The coffee beans should be stored dry and cool in well-sealed original packaging, then the aromas are best preserved. Opened packaging should be used within 30 days. Löfberg's whole coffee beans are packaged in a protective atmosphere.

When the coffee runs out

Help us recycle the packaging by sorting it as plastic. Coffee grounds are sorted as food waste and can be composted.