Kavli Soft Cheese Spread Skagen - 275 grams

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Kavli Skagenost, a creamy soft cheese made from selected classic cheeses, crayfish and Arctic prawns.

We make Kavli Skagenost from the finest round hard cheeses, hand-peeled crayfish tails and Arctic prawns. The good taste comes from the fact that we use real hard cheese and the finest flavoring ingredients. Feel free to try as an appetizer in a small crust topped with a small sprig of dill and lemon or as a flavor enhancer in e.g. soup or pasta sauce.

Hard cheese (57%), Water, Shellfish (ice prawns, crayfish) (10%), Salts (E339, E452), Preservatives (E202, E234), Mustard seed, Sugar, Spices (including paprika, cinnamon, coriander), White pepper extract, Acidity regulator (citric acid), Salt, Vinegar