Kavli American Dressing Sourcream and Onion - 230 grams

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Kavli's creamy Hamburger dressing Sourcream and Onion is a really fresh favourite. It is carefully made with crunchy cucumber and sour "Sourcream and Onion" taste.

A fresh dressing

As a really fresh hamburger dressing should taste! A creamy texture with a wonderfully sour and fresh taste. It goes especially well in combination with hot flavors or why not with a piece of grilled salmon.

In the spring of 2021, the tubes for American dressing will reduce plastic by a total of 47 tons for the entire range. Thanks to a thinner plastic, Kavli reduces the plastic in the tubes for American dressing 230g by 17%. At the same time, the tubes are 100% recyclable as both tube and cork contain the same plastic material.

Rapeseed oil, water, egg, cucumber, sugar, vinegar, onion (2%), salt, spices (including cinnamon, coriander, garlic, onion, parsley), mustard seed, milk powder, paprika, stabilizer (E415, E509), spice extract (including cayenne pepper), cheese powder, yeast extract, preservative (E202), aroma.