Elexir Pharma Fiber Complex - 360 grams

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Contains 3 different fibers for your stomach: Psyllium husk, gluten-free oat fiber and resistant potato starch

Bowel regulation in case of a hard stomach

Good for the stomach and digestion

Certified FODMAP Friendly

Gluten free

Good Gut Feeling Fiber Complex is a fiber mixture in powder form. It consists of three different fibers that fit very well together as they contribute in different ways to digestion and bowel function. This is also the only food supplement in Sweden certified by FODMAP Friendly, which means that it has been analyzed with regard to the content of fermentable carbohydrates that can cause stomach problems for those with, for example, IBS.

We eat too little dietary fiber!
It turns out that we Swedes are far too bad at getting enough fiber in our diet according to the Magrapporten (2019).

-2 out of 10 adults eat 500 g of fruit and vegetables every day

-9 out of 10 get too little whole grains

-7 out of 10 get too little fibre

It also appears in the same report that one in two Swedes suffers from stomach problems every week. Good Gut Feeling is a series of 3 products for a happier stomach where Fiber Complex offers an easy way to supplement your daily diet with healthy fibres.

What exactly is dietary fiber?
Fibers are the carbohydrates from the plant kingdom that are not broken down during digestion, but reach the large intestine largely unaffected. For example, fibers are abundant in vegetables, fruit, root vegetables, legumes, but also in wholegrain bread, cereals, groats, pasta and rice. Fiber has many health benefits for us humans. Food rich in dietary fibre, for example, gives a greater feeling of satiety than food low in fibre, which can reduce snacking and make it easier to maintain weight. It is also necessary to chew fiber-rich food a lot, which increases saliva production, which in turn is good for the teeth. A diet rich in fiber also reduces the risk of blood sugar fluctuations as it produces a slow rise in blood sugar, unlike fast carbohydrates.

Different types of fibers
When fibers are ingested, these pass through the stomach and small intestine largely unaffected until they end up in the large intestine where the intestinal bacteria and other microorganisms break them down into gases and short-chain fatty acids. The fact that the fibers are largely broken down (fermented) in the large intestine is positive and good for the composition and growth of the intestinal flora. See fibers as food for our good gut bacteria! Some other types of fiber are broken down to a lesser extent and instead bind water, which increases the volume of the stool and is thus good for the functioning of the intestines. Good Gut Feeling Fiber complex contains fibers from three different sources.

Psyllium husks
consists of 80-85% water-soluble and gel-forming fibers that keep the stomach in shape by contributing to regular bowel movements and counteracting a hard stomach. They also contribute to normal digestion and bowel function.

Oat fiber contributes to increasing the volume of the intestinal contents, which keeps the stomach in shape.

Beta glucans
is a specific type of fiber found in oats that lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. Elevated cholesterol levels in the blood are a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Resistant starch
is a form of starch that is not broken down by the body but functions as a dietary fiber. The resistant starch in Fiber Complex comes from potatoes.


Recommended intake for adults: 6 g – 12 g (equivalent to approx. 2–4 teaspoons). Advantageously mix the fiber mixture with liquid in a shaker. It is also good to mix the fiber mixture with the breakfast cereals. Drink plenty of liquid, at least 2 dl, in connection with intake.

Recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements do not replace a varied diet, but it is important to have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Store dry in a tightly resealed jar at room temperature and protected from sunlight and out of the reach of children.

Ingredients: Psyllium husk, gluten-free oat fiber, potato starch.