EKULF PowerFlosser

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The EKULF PowerFlosser's water jet pulses 1400 times per minute and massages the gums, which provides increased circulation. More gentle than traditional floss and keeps your gums healthy and strong. The tip has a 360 degree rotation and the jet makes it easier to clean around dentures, bridges, implants and bridges. The water container holds 600 ml of water and has a 100 cm long water hose so that you can easily use it in the bathroom. The power flosser has an automatic switch-off after 2 minutes and minimal noise level.

Quiet, fast and easy to use

1400 water pulsations per minute

10 step adjustments

The tip rotates 360 degrees

The water container holds 600 ml

100 cm long water hose

PowerFlosser comes with 3 x Standard Nozzle tips and a tongue scraper.