EKULF Interdental Toothbrush pH Professional 0,8mm - 18 pcs

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Ekulf PH Professional is a space brush shaped like a cylinder. The brush is equipped with 400 - 600 bristles and is only 0.8 mm wide, which makes it easy to reach between the teeth. The small wire in the middle of the brush is made of metal but has a protective plastic cover to be extra gentle on the teeth and gums. Also included in the package is a sleeve that serves as protection for the brush and an extra large handle to provide an even better grip. If you want a longer handle, you can use the sleeve as an extension arm. The gap brush is produced of the highest quality and made of DuPont Tynex fiber.

Dosage & use
By not only brushing the teeth, but also between the teeth, every day you ensure healthy teeth and at the same time counteract caries and gingivitis. Can also be used if you have implants. Does not damage the teeth.

Tynex fiber DuPont, stainless plastic-coated metal wire, PET plastic, water-based printing on cardboard backing.