EKULF Implant Floss - 50 pcs

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EKULF ImplantFloss is used for cleaning dentures, bridges and implants. The dental floss has a plasticized, stiff wire and is designed with a raised bristle part in the middle. The threads are wound on a spool, pulled out and cut (just like with regular dental floss).

ImplantFloss can be advantageously moved around the edge of the tooth down towards the gum pocket for effective cleaning.

The threads are stored in a hygienic and practical box that is easy to take everywhere.

Toothpaste or the like can be used.

Contains 50 threads on a spool per box.

Use: Pull the thread out of the box and cut off the frayed part of the thread. Insert the wire between the space you want to clean. Move the thread back and forth and down towards the gum line.